The wedding date has been set!

November 1st!

- All Saint’s Day for all you Catholic cats out there

- Those who know their Celtic culture, it’s also Samhain — the festival to celebrate the harvest (I wonder if we could do a bonfire for the rehearsal dinner?)

- Day after Halloween for anyone else

We were thinking a fall wedding would be just right for us. Neither of us wanted a winter wedding (winter is ugly and plain and grey weatherwise and already riddled with holidays anyhow.)

Spring weddings are nice, but they are very common and it’s hard to book anything at that time.

And we didn’t want anything that would clash too much with the school year or with any other family birthdays or any other major serious holidays, etc. Yes, I realize that Nov 1st is the day after Halloween. I could also mention that it’s very close to Raina’s due date as well, but whatever, that’s cool. Better that than Thanksgiving. That tricky holiday can’t even figure out which day it wants to be on. Nooo, it has to be ambiguous. Feh. We showed it up.

So there you have it, folks. November 1st.


Next stop: Finding a reception hall in the Yakima Valley. Does anyone have any suggestioons? Keep in mind it needs to be big enough to have lots of people, a place/area for a dance floor, and a kitchen for the caterers.

Yeah, I’ll be posting how our parents reacted soon.

PS: Our first meeting with Msgr is on Friday, the 13th. Isn’t that just awesome?