So I started the first day of work last week. I’ve been pulling long hours each day, coming home filthy and tired, but happy from the long hours I put in. It means a bigger paycheck squeezed into the short time I’ve got for work. And I found out today from my first paycheck that I got a raise. Thanks, boss!

We got a reception site booked. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! My mother and sister found a lovely place, and it got my approval 5 seconds after I saw the place myself. That was mainly because I’ve been there before. All of my old high school contacts might recall the Garden Terrace Room in the REd lion Hotel?

DUDE: pretty, trees and lights, catering package included, big enough to hold my family, decorations, set up and clean up and accents already thrown in. There are several catering options available. They also have a few other sweet sweet deals that will be revealed later. Remind me to let you folks know about these sweet sweet deals :) In short, we’re really looking forward to NOT having to deal with all these things. Whee!

Oh, I should probably tell everyone about the ceremony. If you’re not familiar with Catholic Weddings, they actually take about an hour long. Most other ceremonies take about a half hour, but we Catholics — well. If we’re gonna make such a big deal out of this day, why not stretch it out a bit more, eh? Or something like that.

This Friday, Jill, Mom, and I (And possibly Kyle’s mom) are going dress shopping in the TRi Cities. Previous business with David’s Bridal has left me pleased and satisfied with their service, efficiency, patience, and speedy delivery. They are my first choice for dress shopping, so there we shall go. I’m getting pretty excited!

It’s interesting to hear the variety of comments I get when I tell people the actual date. It ranges from shoulder shrugs (”yeah, we did it in three weeks”) to jaws dropping (”There is no WAY you can do that! We’ve been engaged for 2 years already!”) to perplexed looks (”Are you purposely asking for a nervous breakdown?”) to even raised eyebrows (”What, are you pregnant or something?”). Speaking of which, the answer to that last question is a definite and resounding NO.

Our wedding colors are black and white and red. Simple, Elegant, Classy, Timeless.

PS. If anyone has any old or used bridal magazines to donate, I could really use them! Thank you!