After a long and arduous search and several mutterings under my breath, I’ve picked out a wedding dress.  This is a good thing!  I was back and forth between a few dresses at different stores in different cities, so money spent between trips was midly irritating.  But I have a dress!  The peasants are rejoicing,  Now I can get focused on other parts of the wedding.

My biggest issue was the fact that this is one of the few decisions I had to make without Kyle while still juggling all the opinions given to me by others, along with my conflicting thoughts.  Not to say that I’m incapable of doing anything without the guy, but we just work really well together.   I was sooo frustrated that it was taking me weeks to find/pick out a dress that I’d wear for one day and would cost a few hundred dollars when Kyle and I had picked out my ring — which cost several hundred dollars and I would be wearing it for a MUCH MUCH longer time period than the wedding dress — in one afternoon.  It just wasn’t logical or practical.  But in the end, I’m happy, Mom’s happy, and it’s all over and done with.  Can’t post pics of it, because Kyle needs to not see it till the big day.

Oye, sooo relieved!  Now I can spend my time each week focusing on other wedding plans and actually being productive!  Huzzah!

Kate’s making my garter.  whee~

That is all