Holy Wow!

So I’m very relived, as you can tell from my last post, to have found my dress.  Yay me.  We ordered it on Friday and then I did some mad packing, cleaning and organizing and my entire family went on a vacation to Manzanita.  That’s near Canon Beach. Kyle was even able to come along with!  We walked on the beach, got our toes wet and freezing cold, had a few beach fires where we made s’mores and roasted weenies.  We went shopping at Canon Beach where I found a beautiful hair clip and where we saw the glassblower at work.  We ate lunch at Moe’s with their delicious delicious chowder.  We did some shopping in Manzanita, too.  There’s this cute little shop called Salt and Paper.  It specializes in two things, as you can guess from their name: Paper products and Saltwater taffy.  OH-EM-GEE it’s better taffy than Bruce’s.  Seriously.  delicious.  Kyle and I made beer batter pancakes for my family.  He got to spend some time with my family and my crazy nieces and nephews.  We ate a lot of food, drank lots of alcohol, played lots of games, and spent copious amounts of time discussing, chatting, and being ourselves at the expense of each other :)  In other words, it was a good vacation.  I hardly put any thoughts or plans into our wedding at the time, and it was exactly what I needed.  It was a wonderous break from all the hectic running around.

And so now I’m back.  Things are up and hopping again!  In the four days that I’ve been back from the beach, We’ve accomplished the following:  (And I’m doing this to help me realize that yes, I AM getting stuff done)

- started a registry (links to come soon). No, I won’t post them until our registry is complete and final!

- looked at floral arrangements for bouquets and the like

- acquired sheet music for selections that we’d like our church musicians to play

- called an alterations lady (For Heather’s wedding)

- set a date for one of my bridal showers

- met and interviewed a few photographers to see if I like their styles and attitudes and philosophies and portfolios and pricetags. Found one so far that fit our needs.

- made contact and discussed several things with my bridal party like dresses, showers, and bachelorette parties and esthetician(sp?) stuff

- ordered my shoes (very nicely priced!  Discountdance.com)

- paid some bills

- gotten some names and numbers for DJs

- went restaurant hunting for the rehearsal dinner

-looked at flower girl dresses

- discussed cakes, narrowed down some food options for catering

- purchased some guest favor supplies

- looked at furniture pieces. Mom and Dad would like to get us either some nice bookcases or a bedroom furniture set for our wedding (dresser and headboard or dresser and night stands, etc)

I’m realizing that for each category — photography, flowers, registry, etc– that it takes more than just one day or one trip to get it complete.  Knowing that, it’s helping to gradually do a little bit of several things in one day rather than trying to get all of one thing done in one day.  Knowing that, I’m less stressed at the end of the day.  So at this stage it’s a lot of looking and just finding out what’s available.

I still need to do laundry. And submit a few more resumes.  and and and and.

That’s all for now.