Well, normally my work days leaves me very tired immobile, but today was significantly different.

I got off work just a tad early, which allowed me to go home and SHOWER before meeting with a prospective photographer.  This one seemed okay at first, but the second he heard that Monsignor Ecker was officiating, he pretty much shut off the deal.  Well, no, first he suggested I change churches and priest.  This photographer went on a 7 minute rant  (yup I counted) about how intolerable, Nazi-esque and demanding Msgr Ecker was.  “For God’s sake, it’s a wedding!” The photographer cried.  My opinion?  Yessir, you’re absolutely right.  People decide to get married in a Catholic Church for a reason and if you can’t respect the fact that a religious ceremony IS taking place, too bad.  Yes, brides and grooms want this special moment recorded but you need to remain respectful to a church’s requirements — even if they are strict and stingy. If you get upset because you can’t get a good shot in and you are that inflexible when you have SEVEN HOURS worth of stuff to record, then you have no business in our wedding.  That’s one more down.  I need to set up an interview with one more photographer and then I’ll start making second phone calls to my ‘favorites.  So far my favorite two are Jolie photography and Image West.  I’ve gotten three recommendations to see a guy named Stephen Wolf, so I’ll call him up and see what he has to offer.

After that today, I attended a going-away party for a few members of the Lifeteen group.  Jenny Escobar is leaving and someone (can’t believe I forgot the name) had a baby.  So we had pizza and a chocolate fountain in their name.  It was delicious.  Also, luckily, I was able to get a few contacts.  Jon, the band director was there, so I confirmed the fact that they are doing our music for the ceremony.  David Valdivia was there as well, and I’ve gotten a few recommendations for him as a DJ. So I talked with him and told him I’d get in touch with him again sometime next week.  I can’t wait to tell Kyle and my parents about this guy, because he has a very reasonable price.  He did Katie and Paul’s wedding, and he also did Frank and his girl’s wedding.  So there are a few references. His pricing seems incredibly reasonable.  Lastly, as I was schmoozing, I snagged a few people’s addresses.  You know how it is, when you wanna invite someone but have no idea what their address is or how to contact them?  Yeah, I feel accomplished.

- Met with one photographer

- Met with ceremony musician

- Met with a potential DJ

- Got a few addresses.

- Got paid, too.