Hello, everyone!

Last week I celebrated my birthday. I’m 24 now. Odd, actually. Kyle is three months younger than me, and our wedding happens to be in between those dates. I just realized that I’ll be ‘older’ than him when we walk down the aisle. Yes, I’m three months older than him all the time, but it just seems a little different in those three months. Ah well. Nothing to sneeze at.

Invitations update: We finished making them by hand on Sunday, with the help of Raina, Kyle, and his mom. I am very pleased with them! Hoorah! But now comes the difficult part: sending them out. It would be so wonderful if I could invite every person I’ve ever met from high school, college, work, and church. However, contrary to prior belief, I just found out that mom and dad are not made of money. Rats. Also, when I asked about installing a pocket dimension in the hotel’s reception area for extra space, the front desk said that would upset the gravitational pull of the hotel, which would disturb other hotel guests. Especially since the swimming pool is indoors. And it was against fire codes. Sorry, I tried. No pocket dimensions allowed.

So if you don’t get an invitation, I’m really sorry. I’m not trying to snub anyone or make anyone think I don’t want them there. I mean, every bride wants the whole world to share her happiness! I promise I’ll post photos on facebook and show video footage and everything.