Took a break from plans and participated in Heather’s wedding. It was beautiful and undeniably her. By sheer coincidence, she and I have the same readings and a few other similarities. She was the opposite of a bridezilla — I now declare Heather Thorn to be a Zen Bride. I must learn her secrets. But she’s a pretty laid back sorta gal in the first place, so what did I expect?

The envelopes came in Saturday, so after recuperating from the wedding (and the reception and the dancing and the Rock Band party thereafter), Kyle and I spent Monday addressing envelopes. Since I have chicken scratch penmanship and Kyle is developing carpal tunnels, we decided to hit the easy button and printed them off. We used our own printer, which saved time and money. But the easy button malfunctioned just a bit.

Hence this post! Crazy it was! In a funny way, not stressed out way. We’re all laughing about it now. So first off, we had to hand feed each individual envelope into the printer — I couldn’t just set a stack there and walk away. So if I zoned out for a few seconds and didn’t continually feed it, the printer would make angry noises and messages would pop up all over the place on the computer “You are out of paper!!”

Now that wasn’t so bad, but the inner red envelopes were a little heavier than what my printer was used to, and the envelope flaps are rectangular, not triangular. Those two factors made it so that one in three envelopes would get bent as it went through. You know the odd solution to this dilema? Taping down the flap. So here you saw me frantically yet carefully putting on and peeling off tape as I’m hand feeding each and every envelope one by one into the printer. Hilarity ensued! Still faster and less stressful than handwriting them.

Stuffing the envelopes was no big deal. The outer envelope was significantly bigger than the inner envelope, so Mom was really worried about that. “It’s not snug! Things will bend!” But not much to do about that now.

My favorite part about getting invitations stuffed stamped, and sent out, though, was the RSVPs stamps. <Giggle> We decided to save a little bit of postage and paper by having our RSVPs be postcards. Clever, eh? We thought so. So when we trooped on down to the post office to pick out stamps and lo and behold, the only postcard stamps they have available were of tropical fruits! I’m still giggling over the whole matter, because here we have these classy, formal looking things (okay, maybe the front isn’t THAT formal — but they look very nice!!) and then you check the response card and you see a kiwi with a birght-pink background on the top right corner. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, guava, kiwi, star fruit and pomegranates grace our RSVP cards. How frickin awesome is that!

Right. So then today I finally steeled myself and went to the florists to order flowers. I walked away giddy, excited and within the budget range. I am VERY proud of myself. I honestly had very few ideas in what I wanted, which can be a scary prospect with all the choices out there. Anything elegant was extravagant, anything else seemed too froofy. I think I’ve got a good blend of colors, styles and textures. And mom got her lilies that she so loves. Today, I also had a nice chat with the catering lady. We finalized some cake decisions (FINALLY!). Mom and I had been running around the mulberry bush with that topic, but we made progress on it today. You’ll see why at the reception. Got menus and drinks picked out, got linens picked out, and got centerpiece ideas finalized. Not assembled, but the ideas are finalized. (Centerpieces have been another hard hurdle for this wedding) Bam bam bam, got stuff done. Wooooo!

Tomorrow Kyle and I are having our engagement photo session with our photographers at the Arboritum. It just happens to be a wonderful time of year for that, so I am really excited about it! We might also pop in to Lin-Paul’s for a dress for my mom.

Alrighty, time to log off. Cheers, everyone!