Yup, we’re engaged, everyone!

And hooray, you made it to our website! Huzzah!

Anyhow, there’s a blog for both Kyle and I to post dates, updates of plans, registry things, and even thoughts and ramblings of the bride and groom. We even have an admin logon for when we do our posts together.
So it was the last Friday of May and I was really stressed out about work and school. Kyle then told me that he had a picnic planned and wanted to know if he could take me and help me de-stress. He had everything all packed up so all I had to do was lock the apartment door and follow him. I live right next to the Greenway, which is like a park that’s 50ft wide and 6 miles long and follows the river. Very pretty! We found a nice spot with a bench along the riverbank and ate our favorite picnic meal - complete with expensive cheeses and salami and delicious-licious grapes. We were just relaxing, talking, and dreaming. I had actually completely forgotten my stress at work.

I asked him what he was thinking. I do this often, so I wasn’t really expecting anything spectacular.

He put his arm around my shoulder and leaned in close. He does this pretty often, so I was still not surprised. Then came the words:

“Marry me”

Oh-EM GEE!!!

Of course I said yes, as you can see. But I certainly wasn’t expecting this. Well, I’ve been hoping and waiting for awhile, but I wasn’t anticipating that question for at least another six months!

He did not get down on one knee, (tsk tsk) and he didn’t use ninjas or any high tech gadgets, but it definitely fit. It wasn’t a big spectacle, and I kinda prefer it that way.

The wedding reception on the other hand….is gonna be awesomely different

Anyhow — After I said yes, Kyle pulls out a big jewelry box. It’s bigger than a ring, so I was confused. He then told me that he really wanted me to be a part of picking out something that I was gonna wear for the rest of my life; but still wanted to propose with a diamond. Inside the box was this beautiful, delicate diamond necklace. I’m wearing it now and will wear it on my wedding day.

And then we had a sushi party. With Rock Band. We couldn’t tell anyone before telling our parents, so my apologies to all there for not saying anything. It was soo hard to not blurt it out!

After we told my parents the next day, we had to keep it quiet for another WEEK because we wanted Kyle’s folks to hear from us and not someone else. We told them this last Friday. Painful!

Those two stories of telling the parents is later. For now, be content with this .