Well, if anyone’s still reading this, here are few updates!

The wedding went really well!  My only regret was that I wasn’t able to get to all the tables and say hi to everyone.  But I hope everyone had a great time and that you enjoyed yourselves!  I know sometimes being at a wedding where you don’t know anyone can be a bit awkward or boring, so thanks anyways if that happened to ya!

The day after the wedding we opened the colossal mountain of gifts that everyone gave us!  Thank you cards are indeed coming, I promise!  I know they are long overdue, and for that I apologize.  They are coming!

We spent our honeymoon up in Leavenworth.  They had the Christmas decorations up already and it was starting to snow.  Our little Bed and Breakfast was so quaint!  It was a perfect and relaxing getaway after all the hubub of wedding plans and moving.

After that we started unpacking and settling in with reckless abandon.  We’re still working on finding a place for everything, but that’s just a matter of time and diligence.  Most of the rooms are definitely habitable.

And then it was time for holidays!  My goodness!  We spent Thanksgiving and Christmas shuffling between both our families, and I think we did pretty well!  Didn’t leave much room for friends, though, sadly, so I’m sorry about that, particularly missing Stacy and Brittany.  I’ll definitely make that up to you!

This just in: We got our pictures as well!  I’ll be posting most of them up on Facebook, and probably just as many on this blog —- in a bit.  I’m still taking Christmas decorations down and writing thank you cards and and and aaaahhh.  But those are coming as well.

We spent New Year’s Even by ourselves.  It was kind of nice to have a break to ourselves while Kyle was still on vacation.  And then after that there was Kyle’s work party.  I got to meet his co workers and the company! Very nice people, every one of them!

So now it’s time to take down Christmas decorations, continue unpacking and organizing, write thank you cards, post pictures, and start getting involved in this community.  That last part is proving a bit difficult. See, if I go back to teaching before we’ve got everything unpacked, then we’ll NEVER obtain full use of the dining room and upstairs room (currently where all the packed-up boxes are) and that’s just not acceptable to me.  So that has to be put off for awhile.

That, and there’s the Seattle Freeze.  It’s not that people are rude and cold towards you.  On the contrary, people are polite, kind, and courteous everywhere I go.  The problem is that there’s a reservedness there.  A bit of a distance, as in, ‘well, I doubt I’ll ever see you again, so I’m only going as far as small talk.”  I can understand that, say from the check-out stand lady or the waitress at the diner or even the teller at the bank. (Although my old bank tellers in Yakima knew me by name!)  But from your neighbors, whom you see every other day?  Or your local pastor and your fellow church goers?   That kinda made me feel weird.  I know it takes time to get involved and to meet people, especially in a church as large as St. Louise, but I still can’t shake the feeling of not belonging.  And we’ve been going for several weeks.

On the other hand, I’ve met some very kind people.  At Crossroads, the guy at Uncle’s was very welcoming and invited Kyle and me for game nights every Saturday there.  And there was a nice retired Kindergarten teacher that I met at Crossroads who gave me some pointers on playing Chess.  The Dry-Cleaning lady and Justin at 24 Hour fitness remember my name, but I think that’s because they’re trying to sell me something, so I only give them half credit.  So who knows.  I guess I just need to go out there and get involved in my interests again, but there’s something holding me back and I just don’t know what it is, despite my efforts to put my finger on it.

That, and this general fear.  A lot of people I have met and talked to, it’s like… I don’t know Seattle culture yet.  I’ve only been here for a few months.  I hope I don’t say anything stupid.  I hope I don’t say or do anything that makes you think my background and origins are weird or beneath you, because the way you’re talking now makes me think you know absolutely nothing about the East side of your state but you think you do when you really don’t!   I guess I’m just realizing how vastly different east and west Washington are.  And maybe I’m trying too hard to fit in.  It isn’t like college where they give you orientation and a campus map and a few pamphlets of clubs and groups based on your interests and you meet people everywhere because you have at least 3 things in common with everyone in a 2 mile radius.

Oh well.  I guess I’ll figure it out eventually.   And I have Kyle around, which is nice. In the meantime, I still have this apartment to organize and clean, thank you cards to write, and pictures to post. All in good time.

If you are staying at the Red Lion Hotel in Yakima, please call their local number and tell them you’re staying there for our wedding and want the special rate of 89.99 a night.  The number you’ll need to call and address of the hotel is:

607 E. Yakima Avenue
Yakima, WA 98901
(509) 248-5900

Took a break from plans and participated in Heather’s wedding. It was beautiful and undeniably her. By sheer coincidence, she and I have the same readings and a few other similarities. She was the opposite of a bridezilla — I now declare Heather Thorn to be a Zen Bride. I must learn her secrets. But she’s a pretty laid back sorta gal in the first place, so what did I expect?

The envelopes came in Saturday, so after recuperating from the wedding (and the reception and the dancing and the Rock Band party thereafter), Kyle and I spent Monday addressing envelopes. Since I have chicken scratch penmanship and Kyle is developing carpal tunnels, we decided to hit the easy button and printed them off. We used our own printer, which saved time and money. But the easy button malfunctioned just a bit.

Hence this post! Crazy it was! In a funny way, not stressed out way. We’re all laughing about it now. So first off, we had to hand feed each individual envelope into the printer — I couldn’t just set a stack there and walk away. So if I zoned out for a few seconds and didn’t continually feed it, the printer would make angry noises and messages would pop up all over the place on the computer “You are out of paper!!”

Now that wasn’t so bad, but the inner red envelopes were a little heavier than what my printer was used to, and the envelope flaps are rectangular, not triangular. Those two factors made it so that one in three envelopes would get bent as it went through. You know the odd solution to this dilema? Taping down the flap. So here you saw me frantically yet carefully putting on and peeling off tape as I’m hand feeding each and every envelope one by one into the printer. Hilarity ensued! Still faster and less stressful than handwriting them.

Stuffing the envelopes was no big deal. The outer envelope was significantly bigger than the inner envelope, so Mom was really worried about that. “It’s not snug! Things will bend!” But not much to do about that now.

My favorite part about getting invitations stuffed stamped, and sent out, though, was the RSVPs stamps. <Giggle> We decided to save a little bit of postage and paper by having our RSVPs be postcards. Clever, eh? We thought so. So when we trooped on down to the post office to pick out stamps and lo and behold, the only postcard stamps they have available were of tropical fruits! I’m still giggling over the whole matter, because here we have these classy, formal looking things (okay, maybe the front isn’t THAT formal — but they look very nice!!) and then you check the response card and you see a kiwi with a birght-pink background on the top right corner. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, guava, kiwi, star fruit and pomegranates grace our RSVP cards. How frickin awesome is that!

Right. So then today I finally steeled myself and went to the florists to order flowers. I walked away giddy, excited and within the budget range. I am VERY proud of myself. I honestly had very few ideas in what I wanted, which can be a scary prospect with all the choices out there. Anything elegant was extravagant, anything else seemed too froofy. I think I’ve got a good blend of colors, styles and textures. And mom got her lilies that she so loves. Today, I also had a nice chat with the catering lady. We finalized some cake decisions (FINALLY!). Mom and I had been running around the mulberry bush with that topic, but we made progress on it today. You’ll see why at the reception. Got menus and drinks picked out, got linens picked out, and got centerpiece ideas finalized. Not assembled, but the ideas are finalized. (Centerpieces have been another hard hurdle for this wedding) Bam bam bam, got stuff done. Wooooo!

Tomorrow Kyle and I are having our engagement photo session with our photographers at the Arboritum. It just happens to be a wonderful time of year for that, so I am really excited about it! We might also pop in to Lin-Paul’s for a dress for my mom.

Alrighty, time to log off. Cheers, everyone!

Hello, everyone!

Last week I celebrated my birthday. I’m 24 now. Odd, actually. Kyle is three months younger than me, and our wedding happens to be in between those dates. I just realized that I’ll be ‘older’ than him when we walk down the aisle. Yes, I’m three months older than him all the time, but it just seems a little different in those three months. Ah well. Nothing to sneeze at.

Invitations update: We finished making them by hand on Sunday, with the help of Raina, Kyle, and his mom. I am very pleased with them! Hoorah! But now comes the difficult part: sending them out. It would be so wonderful if I could invite every person I’ve ever met from high school, college, work, and church. However, contrary to prior belief, I just found out that mom and dad are not made of money. Rats. Also, when I asked about installing a pocket dimension in the hotel’s reception area for extra space, the front desk said that would upset the gravitational pull of the hotel, which would disturb other hotel guests. Especially since the swimming pool is indoors. And it was against fire codes. Sorry, I tried. No pocket dimensions allowed.

So if you don’t get an invitation, I’m really sorry. I’m not trying to snub anyone or make anyone think I don’t want them there. I mean, every bride wants the whole world to share her happiness! I promise I’ll post photos on facebook and show video footage and everything.

Well, normally my work days leaves me very tired immobile, but today was significantly different.

I got off work just a tad early, which allowed me to go home and SHOWER before meeting with a prospective photographer.  This one seemed okay at first, but the second he heard that Monsignor Ecker was officiating, he pretty much shut off the deal.  Well, no, first he suggested I change churches and priest.  This photographer went on a 7 minute rant  (yup I counted) about how intolerable, Nazi-esque and demanding Msgr Ecker was.  “For God’s sake, it’s a wedding!” The photographer cried.  My opinion?  Yessir, you’re absolutely right.  People decide to get married in a Catholic Church for a reason and if you can’t respect the fact that a religious ceremony IS taking place, too bad.  Yes, brides and grooms want this special moment recorded but you need to remain respectful to a church’s requirements — even if they are strict and stingy. If you get upset because you can’t get a good shot in and you are that inflexible when you have SEVEN HOURS worth of stuff to record, then you have no business in our wedding.  That’s one more down.  I need to set up an interview with one more photographer and then I’ll start making second phone calls to my ‘favorites.  So far my favorite two are Jolie photography and Image West.  I’ve gotten three recommendations to see a guy named Stephen Wolf, so I’ll call him up and see what he has to offer.

After that today, I attended a going-away party for a few members of the Lifeteen group.  Jenny Escobar is leaving and someone (can’t believe I forgot the name) had a baby.  So we had pizza and a chocolate fountain in their name.  It was delicious.  Also, luckily, I was able to get a few contacts.  Jon, the band director was there, so I confirmed the fact that they are doing our music for the ceremony.  David Valdivia was there as well, and I’ve gotten a few recommendations for him as a DJ. So I talked with him and told him I’d get in touch with him again sometime next week.  I can’t wait to tell Kyle and my parents about this guy, because he has a very reasonable price.  He did Katie and Paul’s wedding, and he also did Frank and his girl’s wedding.  So there are a few references. His pricing seems incredibly reasonable.  Lastly, as I was schmoozing, I snagged a few people’s addresses.  You know how it is, when you wanna invite someone but have no idea what their address is or how to contact them?  Yeah, I feel accomplished.

- Met with one photographer

- Met with ceremony musician

- Met with a potential DJ

- Got a few addresses.

- Got paid, too.


Holy Wow!

So I’m very relived, as you can tell from my last post, to have found my dress.  Yay me.  We ordered it on Friday and then I did some mad packing, cleaning and organizing and my entire family went on a vacation to Manzanita.  That’s near Canon Beach. Kyle was even able to come along with!  We walked on the beach, got our toes wet and freezing cold, had a few beach fires where we made s’mores and roasted weenies.  We went shopping at Canon Beach where I found a beautiful hair clip and where we saw the glassblower at work.  We ate lunch at Moe’s with their delicious delicious chowder.  We did some shopping in Manzanita, too.  There’s this cute little shop called Salt and Paper.  It specializes in two things, as you can guess from their name: Paper products and Saltwater taffy.  OH-EM-GEE it’s better taffy than Bruce’s.  Seriously.  delicious.  Kyle and I made beer batter pancakes for my family.  He got to spend some time with my family and my crazy nieces and nephews.  We ate a lot of food, drank lots of alcohol, played lots of games, and spent copious amounts of time discussing, chatting, and being ourselves at the expense of each other :)  In other words, it was a good vacation.  I hardly put any thoughts or plans into our wedding at the time, and it was exactly what I needed.  It was a wonderous break from all the hectic running around.

And so now I’m back.  Things are up and hopping again!  In the four days that I’ve been back from the beach, We’ve accomplished the following:  (And I’m doing this to help me realize that yes, I AM getting stuff done)

- started a registry (links to come soon). No, I won’t post them until our registry is complete and final!

- looked at floral arrangements for bouquets and the like

- acquired sheet music for selections that we’d like our church musicians to play

- called an alterations lady (For Heather’s wedding)

- set a date for one of my bridal showers

- met and interviewed a few photographers to see if I like their styles and attitudes and philosophies and portfolios and pricetags. Found one so far that fit our needs.

- made contact and discussed several things with my bridal party like dresses, showers, and bachelorette parties and esthetician(sp?) stuff

- ordered my shoes (very nicely priced!  Discountdance.com)

- paid some bills

- gotten some names and numbers for DJs

- went restaurant hunting for the rehearsal dinner

-looked at flower girl dresses

- discussed cakes, narrowed down some food options for catering

- purchased some guest favor supplies

- looked at furniture pieces. Mom and Dad would like to get us either some nice bookcases or a bedroom furniture set for our wedding (dresser and headboard or dresser and night stands, etc)

I’m realizing that for each category — photography, flowers, registry, etc– that it takes more than just one day or one trip to get it complete.  Knowing that, it’s helping to gradually do a little bit of several things in one day rather than trying to get all of one thing done in one day.  Knowing that, I’m less stressed at the end of the day.  So at this stage it’s a lot of looking and just finding out what’s available.

I still need to do laundry. And submit a few more resumes.  and and and and.

That’s all for now.


After a long and arduous search and several mutterings under my breath, I’ve picked out a wedding dress.  This is a good thing!  I was back and forth between a few dresses at different stores in different cities, so money spent between trips was midly irritating.  But I have a dress!  The peasants are rejoicing,  Now I can get focused on other parts of the wedding.

My biggest issue was the fact that this is one of the few decisions I had to make without Kyle while still juggling all the opinions given to me by others, along with my conflicting thoughts.  Not to say that I’m incapable of doing anything without the guy, but we just work really well together.   I was sooo frustrated that it was taking me weeks to find/pick out a dress that I’d wear for one day and would cost a few hundred dollars when Kyle and I had picked out my ring — which cost several hundred dollars and I would be wearing it for a MUCH MUCH longer time period than the wedding dress — in one afternoon.  It just wasn’t logical or practical.  But in the end, I’m happy, Mom’s happy, and it’s all over and done with.  Can’t post pics of it, because Kyle needs to not see it till the big day.

Oye, sooo relieved!  Now I can spend my time each week focusing on other wedding plans and actually being productive!  Huzzah!

Kate’s making my garter.  whee~

That is all

Oh Hai!  I found you a dress

Kyle found this wedding cake and had to show me.

And I had to show everyone else.


A shout out to my mother and older sister Jill who are right now looking for a place to hold the reception, and have found some very good results.  Thank you!

Another shout out to my other sister Janice who has given me some good wisdom recently when it comes to wedding plans.  Thank you, as well.

Stacy Rush has agreed to be my maid of honor!  Huzzah!

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